The Best Micro Cut Shredder in 2020

Be it important documents, CDs, DVDs, old credit cards, or anything else that you need to dispose of, a paper shredder can help you with that. Back in the day, these shredders were a little more limited. You remember those shredders that cut the paper into big strips, which a child could put back together if they were bored? Yeah, not too secure.

Today’s shredders can chop a sheet of paper or credit cards into tiny pieces, which are nearly impossible to put back together. The micro cut shredder is the best around for that. Put a sheet of paper in there, and the shredder will grind it into dust. But which one is the best? Let’s find out.

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First Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best micro cut shredder

With a micro cut shredder, there are several factors we considered. First, and most obviously, the shredder had to be micro cut. No cross cut shredders in these five. Another factor was the other aspects. How much could it hold? How many sheets of paper could it handle at once? What was the run time of these shredders?

Another factor we considered is the purpose. All shredders have one purpose, but there are some that have extra features that someone may consider. For instance, some shredders have a lock.

Finally, reviews are always important. We looked for shredders that have a high score on Amazon. While no shredder is going to have perfect reviews (after all, duds exist) the score needed to be around 4.5 stars.

#1: AmazonBasics Shredder (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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In an article like this, the #1 on the list is usually a product that has that balance between value and quality. It’s something that most consumers will be satisfied with purchasing. With that said, most AmazonBasics products are more of a budget purchase. However, their microcut shredder is top quality.

For one thing, it does it all. This shredder will take your sheet and turn it into confetti. It can shred CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. This shredder comes in different capacities, including a heavy-duty unit that has a sheet capacity of 150! You can also buy this paper shredder with lubricated sheets, which is an easy way to perform maintenance on the shredder.

It has other features you’d expect out of a good microcut shredder. For example, it has a 5 minute continuous run time, with an auto-shutoff to prevent overheating. It has an auto start and a reverse as well. Its LED tells you if there is an issue or if the bin is full. Speaking of the bin, this is one of those shredders that has a high-quality bin you can pull out for easy emptying.

Reviews of this shredder have been high. Most people say that it’s a great shredder for casual use and it works great overall. The criticisms center around the shredder not having as much sheet capacity as claimed, but capacity does depend on the size of the paper as well.

#2: Aurora AU1060MA (Best Machine)

Nowadays, good shredders don’t cost too much. However, most shredders on this list are good for home use. If you have a home office that occasionally needs shredding, they work well.

However, if you need a shredder for a business where you’re going to be cutting a lot, this micro cut shredder is good. In addition, another reason you may buy this is that you’re someone who wants the best product out there.

This shredder has a 60 minute continuous run time, and with a 10 sheet capacity, this is great for business. It also has a slot for credit cards. It has a pullout basket as well, which makes emptying a breeze.

Oh, and it’s one of the quietest on this list. If you don’t like the noise of a shredder or are wanting to do business at midnight when everyone is asleep, this is a good shredder for that.

Overall, this is one of the highest duty shredders on this list. Reviews have been high, with most people saying that it is a high quality, quiet shredder. One criticism of this product is that is doesn’t have an auto-start. However, because this product has a 60 minute continuous run time, we do believe that it’s still worth the price.

#3: Fellowes 62MC (Best Shredder With Lock)

With shredding documents, you can never be too careful. Even though the micro cut shredder destroys paper, you may not want someone sifting through the wastebasket. What if there was a shredder that could lock?

Well, this one can. This has a capacity of 10 sheets and can destroy credit cards, as well as staples. It does have a pullout bin that’s 5 gallons and it’s quiet as well. The safety lock can help keep your shredder papers safe until you’re ready to throw them in the trash.

Overall, this is a great micro cut shredder. Reviews have been positive, with many saying that it’s a good shredder with extra security. Some criticisms include the basket being a little low. One reviewer said the shredder broke down after they put their credit cards in it, but for all we know, that could have been a dud.

#4: Aurora AU870MA (Best Low Cost)

It is possible to get a highly secure paper shredder without paying too much. This paper shredder has a sheet capacity of 6-10, depending on which model you purchase. In addition to turning your sheets into shredder paper, this can shred those credit cards, too. Its basket can turn 230 sheets into micro pieces without a problem.

Besides that, it has some features you’d expect from a good micro cut shredder. It has a five minute continuous run time and it has an auto start and the ability to reverse it, should the paper get jammed. In addition, it has a one year warranty, giving you some peace of mind.

Reviews have been high, with most saying that this is a great medium-duty microcut shredder for the price. For most, it lasted a good while. A criticism the product has is that the sheet capacity is not as much as it claims. For example, an 8 sheet shredder will struggle at 6 sheets. Of course, sheet capacity also depends on the thickness of the paper.

#5: Wolverine Shredder (Best No-Lube Cutter)

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Are you looking for a micro cut shredder that doesn’t need lubrication? Most shredders will need some oil every once in a while. You can oil up some paper and put it through there, but that’s a hassle for some. The Wolverine shredder eliminates that.

This shredder is quite heavy-duty, with a 200 sheet capacity and the ability to shred CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. It’s a quiet one, too. It has a manganese cutter which means that you don’t need any lubrication, which is quite nice.

Reviews of this shredder have been positive. Most say it’s a great shredder for their cards and for their sheets of paper. Another praise this micro cut shredder has is that it’s quiet.

There are some criticisms, mostly centered around the fact that you do have to empty it a lot despite its seemingly big capacity. However, this is one of those shredders that’s great. The only reason why we put it here at #5 is that it doesn’t have much to offer for the price besides no lubrication.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

With micro cut shredders, you may not be able to find one that’s extremely cheap, but here are some shredders that are affordable.

#1 Best Under $40: FM60P

This is one cheap microcut shredder. It claims to do everything you expect and it doesn’t cost too much. We can’t say much about its quality, but at that price, it may be worth it if you need a micro cut shredder that’s cheap.

#2 Best Under $30: Aurora

If you can’t afford a microcut, a cross cut may be your next best option. Not only is it cheap, but this is a good little shredder to put on your desktop. It’s portable but decently powerful. With cross cut shredders, the paper is still chopped up fairly well.

#3 Best Under $15: Manual Shredder

Want to get really cheap? Ditch the electricity. This is a shredder you crank by hand. Just put the sheet in there and crank. No continuous run time, no high capacity, and it only shreds in strips. However, it may be good when you’re on the go. You can always take those strips and shred them further later on.

Is a Cross Cut Shredder any Different? Any Better?

A cross cut shredder will cut the sheet into strips and then cut it again. The results? Pieces that are quite small, but still possible to reassamble.

A micro cut shredder, meanwhile, rips the sheet into tiny pieces. We doubt anyone could reassemble them. While a cross cut is still a secure paper shredder, the micro cut is the winner.

How About for High Volume Use?

If you have a lot you need to shred, you need to look for a high capacity shredder with a long run time. The AmazonBasics shredder has a 150 sheet capacity. The Wolverine shredder has a high capacity as well.

There are some shredders that have a long run time. Some can run for 24 hours straight. You don’t need to go overboard when buying a shredder with a long run time, but these are worth considering.

Verdict: Your Best micro cut shredder 

And there we have it. Our brains feel like they’ve gone through the shredder after this, but we managed to come up with the top five shredders. Now, it’s time to summarize the five.

First, we have the AmazonBasics. Yes, Amazon itself managed to win us over with its shredder that combines quality with value. One reason why this is a versatile shredder is that it has a wide capacity to pick from, including 150 sheets. That’s quite nice.

Second, we have the Aurora AU1060MA. This shredder is good for higher budgets, and it’s great for professional use. If you have a thriving business, you may want to consider this one.

The third on this list is Fellowes 62MC. This shredder has a lock on it, which gives it that added security. Besides that, it’s a nice micro shredder you’re going to love.

Fourth, we have the Aurora AU870MA. This budget shredder is still quite powerful and is good for when you need some casual shredding. You don’t need to spend big to get it, so it’s well worth checking out.

Finally, there’s the Wolverine Shredder. This is a powerful shredder that doesn’t need any lubrication. It’s tied with #2, but we ultimately put it lower due to its cost.

And there you have it. Many businesses are going paperless and data isn’t stored on CDs like it used to be (when’s the last time you saw a laptop with a CD drive?) but a shredder is still needed. Whether it’s to get rid of old cards or clean out some old paperwork, these shredders will grind your sensitive documents to dust. Try them out and watch the magic. Seeing those documents get shredded almost feels therapeutic in a way. Anyway, we hope you found the best micro cut shredder for the job.

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