The Best high volume scanner in 2020

A scanner is so convenient for preserving documents, photos, and other precious belongings, but if you have hundreds of documents to scan, it can be a nightmare doing it one by one. Some scanners for documents can scan more than one document, but sometimes, that’s not enough for hardcore scanning.

This is where the high volume scanner comes in. These aren’t just fast scanners; they’re super high speed for all your desktop needs. While they cost a lot, and chances are, you may have to rent one, these scanners can make your life a whole lot easier.

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First Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best high volume scanner

When it comes to selecting the best device that can give you high volume scanning, there are several factors we looked at. First, the scanning speed. How many pages per minute (PPM) can the scanner make? Also, we looked at the document feeder. When scanning documents, how many can it hold?

Quality of life features like touchscreen software were important as well. The price is always important too. If you want high-quality scanning, you may have to pay a little more. We made sure to include devices for different budgets and scanning needs.

Reviews are important as well. However, due to the expensive nature of these products. There are fewer reviews to discuss in this article, so keep that in mind.

Without further ado, here are the best high volume scanners for your scanning needs.

#1: Fujitsu fi-7460 (Best Value – All-Purpose)

When looking for a high volume document scanner, you are going to have to pay a lot to get quality. Some will cost tens of thousands of dollars. There are some under $1,000, but they may not be good for the heavy daily duty jobs.

This scanner is #1 on this list because it’s that happy medium between being a professional document scanner while also having a price tag that a small business owner could afford with a loan or with a payment plan.

This scanner is quite fast, going up to 60 pages per minute and giving you a 300 dpi palette as well. The document feeder is quite large, with over 100 pages, and it can scan thick paper, cards, and various other documents. This is a high volume scanner that can automate the process by allowing you to perform high volume scanning without any preparation.

Also, its software is quite nice as well. It can crop and enhance the image quality so you don’t have to do any document image processing work yourself.

This scanner has positive reviews as well. One thing you’ll notice throughout this article is that most high volume scanners lack reviews, mainly because most people are renting these and not buying them on Amazon due to their price.

#2: Fujitsu FI-7900 ADF Mid-Volume Production Scanner (Best Machine)

This is a scanner that you would purchase (or probably rent,) if you’re looking for the most professional high-speed scanner on the market. For most people, it’s out of their price range unless you have a loan or are renting it. However, if you own a business, this may be a worthy investment. This scanner automates the process as much as possible to maximize efficiency in your organization.

It’s quite high-speed, going up to 140 pages per minute and having 300 dpi color to play with. Its most noteworthy feature is the document feeder. It can hold up to 500 pages, making it perfect for those huge jobs. It can detect lag, reduce skew, and it can separate automatically so you don’t have to prepare your documents as much.

What do the reviews say? Well, most people wouldn’t purchase this machine on Amazon; they’d rent it. Therefore, there are no reviews. However, Fujitsu is a brand known for its high speed, high volume scanners, and this one is no exception.

Also, this scanner may be over 10 grand, but at least the shipping is free! By the way, when you browse the page, be mindful and make sure you don’t accidentally click the “buy it now” button.

#3: Fujitsu fi‑7280 Departmental ADF + Flatbed Color Duplex Scanner(Best Flatbed)

This is a professional grade document scanner that is a little less than #1 in price, but it still is quality. One reason why you may want to get this document scanner over the others is that it has a built-in flatbed. This makes it easier to scan pages from a book or documents that have more delicacy. They are also good for material with depth.

As for its stats, this has 80 pages per minute, making it quite a decent high volume document scanner.

What about the reviews? This scanner does have a few reviews, and they are all 5 stars. The most minor criticism is that the software can be difficult to adapt to, but otherwise, this is a high-speed document scanner that is top quality. If you’re looking for an office-grade scanner for your daily duty that won’t break the bank, this one could do the trick.

#4: Fujitsu fi-7160 Color Duplex Document Scanner  (Best Low Cost)

One thing you should have realized by now: these scanners are expensive. What if you want one for a home or small business that is affordable? Something that can be yours without renting? This is the scanner for you.

It can scan up to 120 images per minute at 300 dpi. Its automatic document feeder is 80 sheets, making it quite competitive. This scanner is also versatile, and it’s able to handle all sorts of documents. Even sticky notes are no match for it.

It’s not the most business-grade scanner in the world, but it’s one of those document scanners that still has high reviews. Most people say that it’s a great high volume scanner for the price, and it’s built to last. There are some critical reviews, mostly concerning problems returning the product, or defective units. Make sure you buy a high volume scanner from an authorized seller only.

#5: Lexmark CX921de (Best All in One)

This is one of the more expensive products on this list, but this is perfect if you need a multipurpose document feeder that can also print and fax as well. The pages per minute are a little lower, going at 35 pages per minute, but it should be good for most business purposes. Plus, the document feeder is 100 sheets, making it quite good for bigger daily duty loads.

As for the printer, it can print over 30,000 pages, either in black and white or color. It has a touch screen as well, giving it an interface that is easy to use and intuitive. So it can do printing as well as scanning.

Finally, it has finishing options. You can staple, punch holes, and more.

The Lexmark is great if you need a document scanner and printer. If you have a small office, this may be a worthy investment. While there aren’t any reviews yet, it’s a competent enough printer to check out.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

Cheap high volume scanners are mainly designed for home use. They will be more affordable, but they won’t have the high amount of pages per minute, fast image processing, or the ability to handle big daily duty jobs. However, these may be good for the occasional high volume scanning job at home. For instance, scanning a bunch of old family photos.

#1 Best Under $650: Raven Document Scanner

At 60 PPM and a 100-page feeder, this is a high quality, highly reviewed scanner for home. It’s wireless as well, meaning you can transfer your documents to the cloud after scanning. While it may not be good for office-grade document imaging, image processing, and scanning, we still say it’s worth the purchase for home use.

#2 Best Under $450: HP ScanJet 3000

If you need a document scanning device, this goes 35 PPM and you can feed 50 documents. It has auto crop image processing as well, making it quite convenient. It’s not one of the fanciest around, but if you need some high-quality document scanning, it works just fine.

#3 Best Under $330: Epson WorkForce ES-400

This is a good one for home, and it’s good for duplex scanning or scanning bost sides of an image. It can go up to 35 PPM and it has a 50-page feeder, which is respectable. It also has optical character recognition, which means that you can search for certain words in a PDF you scan. The software also has editable Word Documents and cloud-based scanning. All in all, a good product for some casual, high-volume scanning.

What’s the Maximum Speed of a High Volume Scanner?

The maximum speed of a high volume scanner can be around the 150 pages per minute range. However, this number is always changing. You also need to think about how much the document feeder can hold, and how much prep you need. Some scanners will make scanning more annoying by requiring more prep. With scanners, desktop or otherwise, you do have to think about various factors.

Can you Rent High Volume Scanners?

A good high volume scanner can be expensive. Tens of thousands of dollars expensive. Many business owners will want to rent one instead of buying it outright. They can cost a few hundred a month to rent, making it feasible for smaller businesses. You may also consider buying one that’s a little less. There are scanners with high volume scanning that are not too expensive and may be good for casual use. Always weigh your options before purchasing a scanning device that is thousands of dollars.

Verdict: Your Best high volume scanner 

There we are. We scanned through all the scanners, best and not so best, to give you the best desktop scanning devices for your high volume needs.

First, we have the Fujitsu fi-7460. The reason this is number one is that it is a professional-quality scanning and document imaging device that isn’t too expensive. It’s something that many small business owners may be able to afford.

Second, there’s the Fujitsu FI-7900. This is the most high quality, high volume scanning device around. However, it is expensiveIf you can afford it or can rent it, we say to check it out. However, if your business is small and you’re on a budget, look to something less expensive. You don’t need it, even though we do understand the temptation to own the most expensive product.

Third, we have the Fujitsu fi‑7280 Departmental ADF + Flatbed Color Duplex Scanner. This has a flatbed, which means you can scan delicate documents with it, along with book pages.

Fourth, there’s the Fujitsu fi-7160 Color Duplex Document Scanner. If you need duplex scanning and you need it in a high volume, this is a professional grade scanning device that is cheaper.

Finally, we have the Lexmark CX921de. An all-in-one, it canprint, scan, fax, and do a lot moreIf you have a business and you need a high-quality scanning, printing, or faxing device, check it out.

And there you have it. These are the best high volume scanners around. If you need scanners that can process bulk documents at a high speed, these are worth checking out.

High-speed scanning devices can be quite expensive, but there are some budget ones out there. There are also mid-ranges that are good for business use, but you don’t have to pay too much for them.

We hope this article helped you. Because scanning bulk documents can be a big process, we do hope you think about which one you want to buy, and you do further research before making your decision. We hope this article helped you out. Good luck on your search,

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