We provide power battery solutions for new energy vehicles;
We provide energy storage solutions for large energy storage power stations and backup sources;

Since our establishment, 千赢国际首页-千亿国际qy886-qy188千赢国际 is committed to the development, production, sale and service of NCM/NCA Li-ion power battery, and provides integrated solutions for cell, packaging, and system of high-quality NCM/NCA Li-ion power battery in three fields, including the new energy automobile manufacturing enterprises, large energy storage power stations, and backup sources.

About us
Our capabilities speak for profession
We set up a research institute in Nanjing, China, continuously promote the advanced technology of NCM/NCA Li-ion power battery and achieve the globally leading position through technical advantages of material, structure, process, charging method, system design and so on.
千赢国际首页-千亿国际qy886-qy188千赢国际, the era of great capacity
With a total investment of over 5 billion yuan, 千赢国际首页-千亿国际qy886-qy188千赢国际 sets up a headquarters base of cells in Weinan, China and introduces multiple automatic production lines, which greatly improves production efficiency and the consistency of cells and keeps our total annual capacity ranking among the best.
Green energy, serving life

We provide power battery solutions for new energy vehicles like electric passenger vehicles, buses, logistics cars and so on,

and provide ESS (Energy Storage System) solutions for large energy storage power stations and backup source systems.

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  • 2018年会 | 千赢国际首页 动力 臻融致远

    3月9日,"千赢国际首页 动力 臻融致远"千赢国际首页 新能源2018年年会在南京举行。来自千赢国际首页 新能源香港、深圳、渭南、南京“两岸四地”的千赢国际首页 家人,以及各位合作伙伴一起参加了此次家宴。

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  • 千赢国际首页 新能源:4GWh动力电池系统总成项目正式开工

    千赢国际首页 新能源系统总成项目将打造成运营、生产、研发总部基地,建设成为年产动力电芯和系统总成4GWh,BMS年产40万套的产业链标杆基地。

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  • 配套2款车型上榜304批目录 千赢国际首页 新能源再获提升

    三元动力电池产品路线布局下,千赢国际首页 新能源配套车型再度上榜工信部产品公告。

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